The Exhibitors
The Exhibitions
   “2008” – Alessandro Mendini for Cleto Munari
   Design Mix
   Attraverso lo specchio – Through the looking glass
   Mystic Material
Interior Architectures
Linking People

Michelangelo as an Architect
Abitare il Tempo Prize 2008
The Mechanisms of Time

Here are the themes for 2008…
Hall 8 will host the major exhibition Design Mix, by Giulio
Cappellini, organised with the contribution of Electrolux.
An investigation into the evolution of quality in the history and
culture of design, conducted through the selection of products
which have represented significant changes in the application of
techniques, materials and innovative processes, as well as new
types and styles of solutions in the context of living.
Opposite halls 2 and 4, there will be an exhibition entitled
Through the Looking Glass by Carlo Ninchi and Vittorio Locatelli,
in a hall specially prepared for the event.
The exhibition is intended as a metaphor for the unstoppable flow
of time and space. An infinite journey in which decorations and
objects alternate, symbols of excellence and quality. The journey
unfolds as a refined game of postponement and connection
between the ability of the artisan, the quality of materials and
workmanship, and the volatility of thoughts, images, and
fantasies, and finally arrives in the VIP lounge and the four “secret
rooms”. The hall will also host an unusual restaurant, another
project by Vittorio Locatelli, which will be managed by a famous
Italian chef.

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