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Verona, Italy 18th-22nd September 2008

A whirlwind of ideas which pinpoint the heart

We inhabit a world which is constantly evolving and developing. In harmony with this, Abitare il Tempo is also renewing itself. This trade fair in Verona, which this year reaches its 23d edition, promises new journeys, experiences, and events, able to further enhance the importance of spectacular decor in all its variety of forms, with new ideas and projects; the fruitful mix of tradition and innovation which has been a constant feature of this trade fair, as well as the quality of the exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

360 degrees of furniture and furnishings
The range on offer at the 2008 edition promises to be rich and integrated, and to cover every sector of furniture and furnishings. The common thread which links the collections on show, is the high quality of the invited companies, carefully selected from the most representative in each field. At this year’s edition, there will be 750 exhibitors. Of these, there will be many leading examples of Italian excellence, as well as many acclaimed names from overseas. Seven halls will be used covering an area of 70.000 square metres.
As to the flow of visitors made up of trade professionals, buyers, architects and interior designers, trendsetters and journalists from all over the world, we are anticipating a further increase in numbers compared to previous editions. Last year, registered visitors numbered 53,702, which included 20% of overseas visitors from 96 countries, with Russia in pole position.

From this year, Abitare il Tempo intends to gradually renew the graphics and layout of the exhibition halls, to make them more functional, pleasant and welcoming for both exhibitors and visitors. An ongoing task of updating and redistribution of the spaces which also serve to define the sections, themed areas and pathways, able to highlight the complementary styles and synergy of the overall exhibition.
To begin with, the textile houses, household linens, curtain and textile accessories will be grouped together in adjoining halls 2 and 3. With 140 exhibitors in this category at the fair, we are reminded that Abitare il Tempo represents the most important trade fair dedicated to this sector in Italy, also thanks to the participation of the textile houses from Incontri Aneta.
There will also be a more homogenous distribution of decorative objects and tableware, within hall 6.
And finally, there will be a new layout for the kitchen and bathroom sectors, entrusted to Giulio Cappellini, as well as a restyled graphics in the other halls.
The changes outlined above are a foretaste of what is to come in 2009, when Abitare il Tempo will completely renew its “look” both inside and outside the halls.

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