Abitare Il Tempo 100% Project

Making beautiful and useful products no longer suffices to win and hold on to market shares. The fall in consumption seen in recent years all over the world has marked the end of an economic cycle and perhaps also the end of a way of company and business life. The price war – the inevitable outcome of the situation – has pushed average quality down in the attempt – always difficult, at times impossible – of beating the competition on its own ground. Even exhibiting at trade shows requires different strategies and approaches: communication media and fast information distribution systems, in short, often render the main motivation for participation – the presentation of innovations – ineffective and untimely.

Abitare il Tempo 100% Project has responded to this new scenario and, after listening carefully to the needs of companies and entrepreneurs, today offers the market an effective and economic exhibition tool. The “catalogue-based” exhibition is now turned into an exhibition of excellence and distinction.

Abitare il Tempo 100% Project is therefore looking for entrepreneurs:
a) who have real and substantial innovations to showcase on the market, in dedicated spaces designed precisely for launching innovative products and projects;
b) who have distinctive, excellent and unique skills (in design, technologies and materials;
c) who wish to tell success stories about their exclusive skills in the conviction that this approach – delivered all over the world through new communication products – becomes an element for success among consumers;
d) who are looking for valid, reliable and creative partners in the product distribution field and in global design of their company.

Abitare il Tempo 100% Project offers the production world (large companies and large groups, as well as “tailoring” company and craftsmen) customised exhibition projects based on their excellence and skills.

We will implement a dynamic and creative exhibition that will generate contacts and business, capable of offering all protagonists results in line with their expectations.