Designers, architects and interior designers bring objects back to life in a new and original way. From the kitchen to textiles, lighting and wellness: the themed areas offer ideas about materials, products and solutions, and the most prestigious international brands will put their names to exhibitions and research events.

A completely new exhibition project - a place for dialogue instead of conflict between production and distribution protagonists encouraging joint efforts towards finding the best ways to tackle the recession - is the ideal scenario for suggesting new formats for points of sale and presentations to major international contract clients seeking made-to-measure solutions.

Events 2013

  • Piero Lissoni - master in grasping the formal essence of objects and returning outlines to their purity - will be the Guest of Honour at the next edition of Abitare 100% Project, the international interior design meeting. A leading protagonist of Italian creativity recognised on an international scale, the architect and designer will analysis the topic of contemporary living and provide insights into the trends and needs of the future through an installation of astonishing visual impact that will involve everyone attending the Veronese event.
    On Monday 14 October, moreover, Piero Lissoni will feature in a meeting open to companies and the public where he will share his story as a designer and the creative thinking that has made him such an undisputed figure in contemporary design. This event will offer everyone the chance to approach design even from a conceptual point of view for a better understanding the new horizons of living tomorrow.
  • The "Allons Enfants" project can be interpreted not only as a purely aesthetic episode combining elements linked by a precise composition and an impeccable colour rhythm but also as a philosophical variation on the theme of survival.
    The Turtle is at the base of Oriental cosmogony. "The Celestial Turtle" supports the Earth and originated life. For the native peoples of Central and South America, the turtle is a symbol of nature that must be saved. In Florida, the turtle is identified with the need to save endangered animals species and with them mankind itself, the unwitting victim and destroyer. The Allons Enfants composition asks a distinct question about the course of humanity. Where are we going? Using the typical symbols and methods of Tolomeo's art: Two divans with a precise, innovative design and a thousand sculpted little turtles, each one different from the others, each piece unique and unrepeatable.
  • Continuing the dialogue between art and design set in motion as early as 2009 by sharing a number of projects between ArtVerona and Abitare il Tempo.
    And also in the light of the imminent acquisition of ArtVerona by Veronafiere, scheduled in 2014, the two events will line up and influence each other by welcoming in two specifically dedicated areas one of each other's projects.
    As a result, Abitare 100% Project (13-15 October 2013) will set up six paintings specifically selected from those proposed by galleries taking part in the ninth edition of ArtVerona (10-14 October 2013) which on its part will host a number of cult design objects.
    This is yet another opportunity to develop a concept, which in the future may well lead to the implementation of new projects with unexpected repercussions.
  • Colour, the great protagonist of contemporary interior design, will be the leitmotif of the Colors exhibition, conceived and curated by Giulio Cappelini, a designer and long-standing talent scout for international creative young people. The exhibition will be staged through six boxes selected in six colours (white, black, yellow, red, green and blue) which will host some of the most interesting pieces of contemporary and historical production by major design companies themselves interpreted in shades of the colour of the box that will contain them. The extraordinary effect that these boxes will create will emphasise the importance of colour in interior design and will highlight the latest design trends to suggest new living landscapes. For example, the white box - among other objects - will include the Digitable coffee table designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B; Italia, the 360 stool by Konstantin Grcic for Magis, the Gatto lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni for Flos and the DU 55 leather armchair by Gaston Rinaldi for Poltrona Frau. The black box will include among its many items the Ricchetto stool by Alessandro Mendini for Ceramica Flaminia, the Drop bookshelves designed by Nendo for Cappellini, the Supernatual chair by Ross Lovegrove for Moroso, the Projecteur 365 lamp designed by Le Corbusier for Nemo. The Mr. Impossible Chair by Philip Starck for Kartell, the Nemo Chair by Fabio Novembre for Driade and the Duck timer designed by EeroAarnio for Alessi will be among the pieces exhibited in the yellow box. And there's more: the red box will present, for example, the Plywood arcmchair by Charleston and RayEames for Vitra. While the green box will highlight the Woodstock small table by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poliform and the Utrect armchair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld for Cassina. Lastly, all shades of blue were chosen for the Blue box, with items the Plau armchair by Gabriel and Oscar Buratti for Tecno, the Flowerbomb chair by Magistretti for De Padova and the Lotus armchair designed by Jasper Morrison for Cappellini.
  • Set up as a European creative incubator, ComOn is the prestigious project conceived by a group of businessmen from Como supported by Confindustria Como that will be in the forefront of Abitare 100% Project with a series of projects interpreting themes based on dining and conviviality by young designers from the most important European design schools. This event seeks to encourage the spread of ideas thanks to interaction between companies and training schools, between students and professionals, in perfectly harmony with the spirit of Abitare 100% Project: a creative workshop encouraging relationships between people, business networks and knowledge of market dynamics.
  • We are experiencing a long period of structural crisis and uncertainty that encourages comparisons involving manufacturers, designers and retailers by shifting traditional company development logics (essentially product-oriented) towards business and distribution models more closely oriented to the needs of the final client.
    Anyone hoping to break out of the crisis should not merely wait for the market recovery but tackle a new strategic and operational approach based on innovation, diversification, efficiency and effectiveness.
    The key to success will be the "person" - customer, employee or supplier - and an open-ended organisation based on merit capable of work in a team of people with different skills and expectations actively starting from the consumer.
    An approach to the global market that overcomes the classic Italy/abroad, production/distribution dichotomy by defining a new DISTRIBUTION FORMAT as a new balance between producer/product/brand/point of sale/range/sign/and customers with their needs.
    The distribution format is the physical, virtual and emotional location where customers find responses to their needs as the one true key for creating value development for the entire supply chain in the future since the only thing certain is that consumers will always be better informed and willing to pay the right price to meet their needs.
    Adriani & Rossi has always designed and built sell-in tools for the industry (products, photos, catalogues, stands), as well as hundreds of display concepts for single points of sale; its objective is to implement an organisation for client oriented processes starting from the sell-out for the point of sale (catalogue to be sent to the final customer, web for retail, layout and selection for the point of sale) using and producing photo products and catalogues for a network of producers supporting the project in a flexible and lightweight manner. A new business model that integrates information and knowledge from various players in the supply chain to develop cooperation dynamics in order to grow and compete among selected players in the industry and distribution willing to work as a network.
    On a strategic level, Adriani & Rossi emphasises the importance of having clear vision and positioning.
    In a market that is highly polarised between those looking for product and price through large scale distribution and those seeking interior design solutions (project+product) from an independent store, the idea is to develop an efficient network between industry and distribution to re-organise project sales points while retaining their own signs in order to sell turnkey and tailored projects to informed clients asking for sustainable furnishing solutions with strong distinctive elements in terms of function, design and service.
    Abitare 100% Project sees Adriani & Rossi propose a practical operating route complete with selection, visuals, communication and promotion with the objective of emphasising effective content to consumers later able to promote word of mouth.
  • One of the major protagonists at the third edition of Abitare 100% Project is Elle Decor, the most authoritative Italian interior design magazine published by Hearst Magazines and edited by Livia Peraldo Matton.
    For this occasion, Elle Decor Italy will set up the striking Decor Codes exhibition which, through six conceptual installations ensuring strong emotional impact, will narrate the latest furniture trends where craftsman production interacts with the design for reciprocal benefits; colour and decoration, as is the case for shape, become one of the foundations of the project; the culture of the past comes forwards as inspiration for designing the future. The exhibition, through its pieces, will also introduce visitors to sector companies that have distinguished themselves in stylistic research and design in recent years. Monday 14 October also sees Livia Peraldo, the editor of the prestigious interior design magazine, explain her interpretation of the evolution of living, offering insights into the importance of design even in daily and domestic dimensions
  • Exclusively for Abitare 100% Project - interior designer Elisabetta de Strobel has recreated an ideal point of sale, a space that combines high decoration and design excellence with literary dialogues.
    The 150 sqm store is decorated with some of the best contemporary design products, dominated by a black and white theme interrupted by certain yellow details and décor.
    The exhibition is divided in small conversation lounges where people can talk with designers, while the central lounge recreates a literary café with daily dialogues held by opinion leaders and intellectuals to attract visitors, commentators and sector operators. The objective is to stimulate a broader debate capable of bringing together the design world, companies and ordinary people around topics such as new home living experience and new retail strategies in relation to excellent in interior design.
  • In an increasingly globalised world, design stands out and is narrated at Abitare 100% Project through the Design Market Exhibition, an exhibition space dedicated to the latest trends in terms of creativity: self-produced design.
    Initially a niche phenomenon, self-produced design today is a growing reality, increasingly acknowledged and appreciated in the panorama of contemporary creativity since it is able to bring design back in to the field of the arts. The results are very human and very up-to-date objects that seem to have emerged from 1500s art shops.
    Released from market logic, self-produced design is in fact a kind of new Renaissance in design drawing on from various artistic and craftsmanship fields characterised by freedom of expression, striking insights and an innovative, unconventional spirit.
    Design Market presents an overview of the most current self-production by young designers selected by Giulio Cappellini and offers companies the opportunity to get in touch with the most promising names in this design sector. The exhibits are also a tool for retailers who, through the availability of exclusive products, will be able to personalise their stores in extraordinary ways.
  • In addition to the innovative formula underlying the international success of Abitare 100% Project, the Verona meeting is equally an evolving contest demonstrated yet again this year by involving the creative young people of IED and asking them to imagine an extraordinary exhibition concept where the traditional display scheme is replaced by a complex and fluid exhibition route based on concepts of dialogue, meeting and emotion. The result of this long-term work will be presented in Verona through an exhibition of the most significant project models where the set-up idea also takes into account the value of the experience on which Abitare 100% Project focuses and the theme of sustainability through the choice of environment-friendly materials.
  • The sustainable lightness of marble is the new design frontier for those who prefer traditional materials in a new interpretation in terms of visual impact and processing. The "Lightness and Flexibility" installation by designer Lorenzo Damiani at Abitare 100% Project presents a contemporary and eco-compatible vision of a classic material such as marble. The project was implemented with the Pusterla & Ronchetti and Calvasina companies; it focuses on a table with a marble base and glass top, two bench-style seats and several marble stools: objects made by bending thin sheets of this noble material. Hollowing out clearing volumes and such extremely thin sections consequently offer new, sustainable and rational opportunities for use.
  • This is an innovative concept designed by Arredanet Group.
    The format envisages the construction of a facsimile "apartment" measuring about 65 square meters highlighting lounge and kitchen solutions. The leitmotif is the presentation of inexpensive solutions with close attention to the rational use of space.
    Change the consumption model by rationalising spaces is the first form of energy saving.
    An interesting idea even for project store keen to dedicate a corner to a young target aware of sustainability issues in all their environmental, economic and social meanings.
  • the 2013 edition of Abitare 100% Project sees Morelato Co. and the Aldo Morelato Foundation present a large exhibition area with a range of products in the collection and a selection of works on show at MAAM (Museum of Applied Arts in Furniture), including the latest donation CHAISE MORELATO designed by superstar architect Mario Botta. This unique chair is made of 16 mm birch plywood with maple veneer with interlocking assembly and a leather-finished upholstered cushion and backrest.

    CHAISE MORELATO is the absolute protagonist of part of the exhibition set-up involving an installation of astonishing scenic impact. Under the direction of Mario Botta himself, who curated and designed the exhibition set-up, 9 models CHAISE MORELATO are suspended from the ceiling by nylon wires of varying length. The effect is even more accentuated by the various finishes presented - some chairs lacquered with bright colours and other have a natural finish.

    The other section of the stand presents a very original set design using maxi prints depicting Morelato products and the donations of the Aldo Morelato Foundation. The evocative images were taken by photographer Sergio Caminata, a prestigious name who has worked in the fashion sector for the top designers, magazines and advertising campaigns.

    Morelato once again, together with the Aldo Morelato Foundation, promotes culture across the board - from figurative art to photography and design.


  • "Our homes are sets of memories, where different styles, modern and ancient objects, art and simple, banal things all co-exist, arranged in accordance with everyone's personal taste as companions in a journey involving one or more lives. The right blend between different objects and different cultures is created, a surprise, the discovery of a detail, a colour, an unexpected surface, a composition of quite different objects in terms of material, period or form, inter-linked without precise rules, and in doing so instil smiles and sensations among anyone who observes them.

    Alexandra van der Sande

  • Table & Co is the event dedicated to the art of the table. This exhibition will feature Italian and international brands in the sector with the chance to display their most significant and top-quality collections from design and sales points of view. To involve visitors even more, lecture tables will also be set up using items by the companies taking part in the event.
  • Designing chairs has always been one of the biggest challenges for designers. Giulio Cappellini has chosen this topic for the coming edition of Abitare 100% Project to give life to Take a Seat, an extraordinary exhibition outlining evolution in terms of style, comfort and decor of this object much loved by designers. A path between historic pieces and contemporary projects that have become icons of design thanks not the least to the technical quality with which they were made which will present the most important companies in the sector - from Poltrona Frau to Moroso, Fritz Hansen, Zanotta, Molteni and B&B; Italia, from Cassina to Kartell and Tecno
  • Texile & Co is the event dedicated to the world of textiles with the intention of promoting enhancing both the contract sector and residential design. The project will introduce textiles in all their applications, from objects to furniture, chandeliers, curtains, frames and finishing. The exhibition area with company stands will also have a shared area which, through meetings and materials made available to visitors, will become a place for dialogue between companies and professionals to help both improve their businesses.
  • The Island of Murano at Abitare 100% Project 2013 is a demo event offering a glimpse of what Murano glass art really is today.
    The project, supported by the Murano Glass Promotion Consortium as administrator of the Murano Art Glass® trademark and curated by designer Elvilino Zangrandi, seeks to be a message attracting attention to the island that, notwithstanding its apparent tranquillity, has transformed simple raw materials into masterpieces adding beauty to the world for centuries.
  • Promoting Italian know-how. This is the objective of Benfatto - the network dedicated to the home and sustainable furnishings that combines various skills such as craftsmanship and design to offer tailored and high quality interior design solutions. At Abitare 100% Project, Benfatto will present a new development approach involving the best craftsmen and the most creative designers gave to create high-potential projects responding to the needs of end customers and the environmental alike. Benfatto is a work opportunity for craftsmen, designers and independent retailers since it is able to produce interior solutions in fixed times and costs.