Abitare 100% Project

The market changes; the world of production companies and the world of distribution by now know each other very well. The commercial organisation of the industry is ramified and consolidated. New information and communication tools – for company sites to major sector portals – have abolished distances and generated awareness in real time. At the same time, consumption is falling: millions of consumers already own enough and do not perceive new needs. People who sell products – especially “complex” products such as furnishing – every day perceive the urgency of change, often realising that the formula that initially launched the company no longer suffices today.

What’s to be done? Stop visiting exhibitions? On the contrary: now that standardised information technology gives everyone identical knowledge, it may be very important and often fundamental to boast attendance at a few “different” and globally rewarding exhibition events. Abitare 100% Project aims to enhance visitors: not with overly imaginative visions of hypothetical scenarios having no utility in reality but through information, suggestions and advice to make sales points dynamic and successful.

All available information and the most recent surveys fully agree with this approach: in the furnishing product distribution universe there is still a future – clear and important – for those points of sale that sell not merely products but also and especially projects; that is, those which tackle the market as “solution” providers.

Abitare 100% Project also and especially talks to this value chain: to the owners and employees of points of sale seeking to grow and innovate, to design studios, architects and designers, to interior furnishers. To enhance their culture but especially to provide an occasion for developing their professional activity and business in accordance with the most suitable and up-to-date market approaches.

A different exhibition combining the excellence and skills of industry with the excellence and skills of the entire design value chain. Visitors to Abitare il Tempo 100% Project are not “clients” but protagonists!

The Trade Only event opens on Sunday to facilitate arrival by retailers, especially from the South. The organisational formula is re-confirmed, with leverage on the claim From the product to knowledge: and then once again as many as four large meeting rooms dedicated to a fantastic series of workshops and specialist seminars available to visitors.

The major strategic, organisational and publishing partnerships have also been re-confirmed as well as, naturally, the artistic and strategic consulting of Giulio Cappellini, who also designed the sophisticated unified set-up levering small, modular spaces of limited size.

The allocation of the event is also and naturally re-confirmed over three areas – Innovation, Market and Emotion – the large space where the skills of designers, architects and interior designers are transformed into Solutions.