Abitare il tempo

Abitare il Tempo: a history of creativity and culture

Founded in 1986 and for twenty-five years essentially dedicated to classic furniture, the exhibition saw VeronaFiere as a landmark and reference market given the vicinity of a district with special expertise and vocation for this type of production. As the years went by and markets expanded, it became clear that the conventional “divisions” between high-crafts and industry, large and small-scale production, technology and traditional techniques were out of date. The exhibition therefore widened its original vocation, even on a temporary basis, to include the entire home-system context (textiles, accessories, giftware, interior finishing), becoming at the same time renowned for in-depth experimental action and the organisation of scenario events essentially entrusted to the design world traditionally very focused on such themes.

From 2011, Abitare il Tempo was “re-founded”, through a process based on attentive “listening” to the world of production and distribution, as well as timely analysis of the latest furnishing market mechanisms from design through to consumption.