ABITARE IL TEMPO - 2011: time for change

Doing business together: the future is Networking

The 2011 edition of Abitare il Tempo is strengthened by new energy and new values identified in relation to the needs of the various players in the furniture value chain: producers, points of sale and all the protagonists in the home and contract furnishing sector.

Abitare il Tempo 2011 will be a unique occasion for meetings, relationships and exchanges between professionals, entrepreneurs, associations and institutions to promote sharing of skills, experiences and resources and thereby encourage the development of innovative solutions finalised towards the large-scale distribution panorama through networks of excellent, efficient and effective companies.

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The important objective is to bring architects, furnishers, production and distribution entrepreneurs together
to create a new cycle of development in the sector

A new approach to the development of the value chain focused on Distribution.
In relation to the needs of project outlets, architects and designers (about 20,000 in Italy alone, achieving turnover of 18 billion euros and a 70% share of the domestic market), Abitare il Tempo will offer key approaches for improving development dynamics in internal and external lines of operators in the value chain, innovation and growth on domestic and international markets.

The new formula. Briefly and simply: the show is now divided into three, immediately recognisable macro-areas - FURNISHING SOLUTIONS, INTERIOR FINISHING and INTERIOR DECORATION - with the objective of ensuring occasions for research, information, intelligence and networking for distribution in Italy and abroad.

Each macro-area is in turn divided into three sections: MARKET, EMOTION, INNOVATION.

MARKET: 30,000 sq.m. dedicated to 450 selected exhibitors. This space will comprise ready-to-use and compact stands (16-64 sq.m.) specifically intended to reduce show attendance costs and encourage the presence not only of design industries but also craftsmen workshops and small-medium "tailoring" companies selected for their qualitative criteria.

EMOTION: the largest and most innovative Temporary Store in the sector anywhere in the world will be the ideal scenario for promoting new formats for points of sale and contacts with major international contract clients looking for made-to-measure research solutions.

INNOVATION: - for the entire duration of the event - will host a series of workshops and informative meetings designed to support and promote innovation and the development of Normal Trade. A training and information program for managers of points of sale structured to provide effective and practical contents, such as solutions for planning, marketing, organisation and management of project points of sale to help create value over time, even in times of crisis.

New energy and new media

As support for consolidated mailing and press campaign strategies, Abitare il Tempo will also be a major player both before and after the event itself through high-level involvement in theme channels on national and international pay-TV.

The 2011 edition of Abitare il Tempo will also be converted into a huge television set - ensuring constant communication with social network channels - and photographic set: a shoot will be organised during the show to help expand the contents of the new Magazine distributed to all the most prestigious international operators in the sector.

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