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Michelangelo as an Architect
Abitare il Tempo Prize 2008
The Mechanisms of Time

Architecture drawings from Casa Buonarroti

Promoted by: Guglielmo Giordano Foundation – Casa Buonarroti Foundation
With the collaboration of: Listone Giordano - Abitare il Tempo
Under the aegis of Comune di Verona

“Michelangelo as an Architect. Architecture drawings from Casa Buonarroti” will be the title of the exhibition that will be hosted in the Hall No. 8 and will include 15 drawings of unmatched beauty from the collection of the Casa Buonarroti Foundation in Florence, so as to provide the full profile of the works by Michelangelo as an architect, one of the greatest men if genius in the Italian Renaissance and the greatest architect of all times.

The exhibition will develop through three macro-periods accounting fro the three artistic stages Michelangelo Buonarroti went through:
- First Period: 1516-1527. the first Florentine period saw Michelangelo involved in the planning of the impressive architectural complex of Fabbrica di San Lorenzo.
- Second Period: 1527-1530. It is the second Florentine period. During the Florentine Republic, Michelangelo was appointed “Governor and General Manager of Fortifications”. Sketches are exhibited of several projects of war fortifications, which were innovative from both the technical and strategic viewpoints and are also characterised by a peculiar and communicative beauty.
- Third Period: 1534-1564. It is the Roman period. Michelangelo was appointed “Supreme Architect, Sculptor and Painter of the Apostolic Palaces” by Pope III Farnese, and his works of architecture are the top of his career.

OPENING EXHIBIT 18th September, 5.00 pm, Hall 8
Mrs. Pina Ragionieri, Director of the Casa Buonarroti Foundation will introduce the exhibit

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