The Exhibitors
The Exhibitions
Interior Architectures
   40 sqm - Paolo Badetti
   Sacred and Material - Marco Viola
   The Sense of Size - P. Palma & C. Vannicola
   Next Floor - Diego Grandi
   Simone Micheli Domestic Campus - Simone Micheli
   Strip Tease - Paola Navone and Ivano Redaelli
   The Cool House - Maurizio Duranti
   The Face House - Roberto Semprini
   Utopolis - Giovanni Luigi Gorgoni
   Little Sun
   The Endless City
   Metamorphism: Towards a new Kinetic Architecture
Linking People

Michelangelo as an Architect
Abitare il Tempo Prize 2008
The Mechanisms of Time

Contemporary living finds valuable stimuli and useful indications for the future, in these simulations of domestic and non domestic interiors, created by 16 outstanding designers in the Italian design field. These are, in fact, actual trend workshops, with major companies active in research involved in their creation, experimenting with materials and innovative finishes, or re-discovering the fascination of natural materials such as marble and wood, or
examining strategic themes such as environmental sustainability and domotics. There will also be some research projects and investigations on those names from the past who have added lustre to Italian architecture of the twentieth century.

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