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The Mechanisms of Time

The Mechanisms of Time


Set up

Coro, De Castelli, Dedon, Frassinagodiciotto, Il Casone

How to interpret a large open space: enclose a vast area and create a definitive vanishing point. In other words, create natural areas where people will stop and interact.

Cyclopic red panelling defines the outer perimeter of the large area. Like urban décor, the panels define space, creating more intimate areas set apart from the complex whole. Re-defining space creates a human dimension that vibrates with the energy created by people coming and going from the various halls, their paths crossing apparently by chance but really on account of a profoundly rational circulation plan.

Three circular spaces are arranged like a giant Catherine wheel, its spirals running into each other like a worm screw. The result is a series of labyrinths, a natural landscape modelled by man where people can wander at their own pace.

Walking through this concentric array awakens the visitor to the passing of time, taking him to the very centre of time - the centre of the resting area. Rings of green turf interspersed by paths of strewn bark, soft under foot, form a deliberate contrast with the huge area outside, a symbolically reassuring guide through time and space.

At the centre, all is muted serenity and order. The presence of solid stone evokes silence and eternity, inviting visitors to take pause and relax as a reward for having undertaken the journey.

The regular sequence of tall trees in their huge vases is a ‘green’ guide leading to the centre of the individual corners. From outside, the trees form a landmark, the welcoming sign of an oasis in the concrete desert of the trade fair complex.

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