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Abitare il Tempo
New hospitality spaces

By Carlo Amadori and Simone Micheli

Act two

After the excellent results from the first edition of the exhibition “Linking People”, featured at “Abitare il Tempo 2007”, created and set up by Carlo Amadori and Simone Micheli, the second performance of the exhibition is enthusiastically taking off, and promises to have even greater importance culturally, qualitatively and in terms of projects.
The designers’ intention is that “Linking People” should become a focus of considerable importance able to supply direction in terms of content, management and operating strategy for the vast and extensive contract world; its aim is to be seen as an exhibition within the exhibition which talks to contract suppliers about excellence, real possibilities, dreams, and the present-future.
Linking People in Verona strives for clarity of content, through highly prestigious visual presentations offering trade professionals significant messages and design ideas, in an attempt to define cultural fields of indisputable value, and high calibre entrepreneurial starting points.
There are numerous fields of investigation at the next edition of Abitare il Tempo, from the world of the “wellbeing” spa, to research and experimentation for new materials for the retail, hospitality and hotel sectors, which have, for some time, been looking for new languages of definition.
There will also be something exceptional at the next edition. Abitare il Tempo has been chosen as the ideal context for the preview presentation of a 20 metre boat with an innovative concept, an ideal boat, a technological jewel and a perfect example of nautical décor, a preview of a project by the naval architect Francesco Paszkowski; and for the presentation of the exuberant mood of the new Terme di Livigno still under construction, by the architect Simone Micheli.
Hall 7b will be a kaleidoscope of ideas for visitors, a guideline for them to orientate themselves in a multi-faceted sector which is searching for its own identity.

The designers who will set out the proposals for Linking People 2008, with their visions are: Bestetti Associati, Maurizio Favetta, Marco Ferreri, Raffaello Galiotto, Francesco Lucchese, Simone Micheli, Matteo Nunziati, Francesco Paszkowski, Pierandrei Associati, Luca Scacchetti and Stefano Calchi Novati, Walter Vallini and Nello Teodori.

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